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Built in the 1950s to sort mail from the Lille metropolitan area, then converted into a cultural venue for Lille 2004, European Capital of Culture, the Tripostal has become a major space for contemporary creation. Without being an art center or a museum, it is a place of art and life, located in the heart of the city, between the Lille Flandres and Lille Europe stations. It has three sets of 2000 m² each, which gives it excellent scenographic flexibility. It is also a place of performance and party, with a children's area, a shop / bookstore and a bar / restaurant. WED> SUN: 11AM> 7PM WED> SUN: 121-1> 7 p.m. (July 07 to August 29, 2021). Closed Monday and Tuesday. Exceptional openings: May 24, July 14, August 15, November 01 & 11, 2021. 2 min walk from Lille-Flandres and Lille-Europe train stations. Metro: Gare Lille-Flandres - Station: V'lille Flandres Euralille - Parking: Autocité Euralille.


Avenue Willy Brandt
59777 Lille


Exhibition COLORS, ETC. from May 19th to November 14th, 2021.

An exhibition that highlights the new and daring use of color, seen as a link between the past and the present.

The Colors, etc. exhibition at the Tripostal in Lille invites us to question our relationship to color. It awakens all our senses and invites the visitor to explore, smell, feel, hear, color through a series of immersive installations. Can we feel a color, associate a scent with a color, can we hear a color…? You will find the answers to these questions by visiting the Colors exhibition, etc.

Several artists and designers have been invited to create an "in situ" installation emphasizing different aspects of color; light and color, sound and color, psyche and color ... Part of the exhibition is co-organized with the Design Museum Gent. In the Kleureyck exhibition, the starting point is the masterful use of color by Jan van Eyck, revealed in all its glory during the restoration of the Ghent altarpiece. Using transparent and colorful oil paints and varnishes, van Eyck succeeded in creating new nuances of color, clarity and saturation in his works. His creative use of color was the starting point for the work of the national and international designers selected for this project. Each of them has a particular affinity with the notion of "color". At the Tripostal, we find several installations presented in Ghent, and in particular more than 100 objects that make up the “Pigment Walk”.

The visitor is invited to consider design in all its forms… and all its colors. Curator: Siegrid Demyttenaere, in collaboration with Sofie Lachaert. In partnership with Design Museum Gent.

Colors, etc.

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Fine Arts

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